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Steve Hotson

Started scouting rides and exploring in ’89’ with a Tenere 600, a basic tent, plotted a rough route, and just kept riding east. Looking at the map, far away places like China, and Asia seemed like good places to Venture.

That was back in the days before mobile phones, or the internet. It’s a good grounding for an intuitive approach to World travel, which formed the inspiration to go see what everyone else in the world is doing, today.

I’ve done quite a few rides like that, and it does show that less can be more. Just pack the basics, and as long as you’re comfortable with your motorbike, and love the riding, you’ll have a great adventure. You can get everything you need, along the way.

Some of the areas I've had some great motorbike experiences riding in, include Alaska, Canada, Yukon, United States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Russia, Egypt, Eastern Europe, The Balkans, and hopefully a few more!

The VRTW rides are all about venturing further, exploring new places and meeting people, taking great time out to treat yourself, off-grid, open spaces, exploring the World, accepting the varied cultures just as we find them today, relaxed riding, freedom and inspiring travel. You’ll discover it all at it’s most varied, when you join us on some of our next rides:



Motorbike Rider & Photographer.

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Dave O'Byrne

Whether it's two hundred kilometers, or twenty thousand kilometers, for me, it's as simple as riding motorcycles to experience new places, meet local people, hear their stories, and get under the skin of the local history and culture. That's what means something.

Motorcycles are definitely the best tool for travel and discovery, as you get the best of both worlds, with the freedom that comes from knowing you can ride your motorcycle almost anywhere, as well as being able to take a day or two exploring on foot, whenever you want to.

With that combination, you can cover a lot of ground, on and off the beaten track, out in the landscape, inside old industrial buidings, or lost in the mountains. That's a lot of freedom...

Over the years, motorbikes have been the key to finding a lot of new experiences in interesting places, and it's great to know that there are many more great places out there to look forward to. I'm just as happy to sleep beside the campfire or in a tent, as in a hotel room, just once I'm on the road...

For these reasons, I'm always ready to grab the motorbike and ride somewhere new. Being able to share some great experiences with a nice group of old or new friends, is a big reward in itself. So I'm looking forward to riding some long and interesting kilometers with you!


Over the last 25 years, we have ridden many thousands of miles and kilometers in various parts of the world, on various types of motorcycle, scouting roads, routes, regions, destinations and experiences. In 2007, Steve started scouting routes from UK to China, and back then, Kazakhstan consisted mainly of big skies, endless fields, vast open spaces and long distances, which very few people seemed to be riding. These days, with recent improvements to the road systems in many of the countries on our routes, it's a lot more viable to ride overland from Europe to Southeast Asia, and it's not just for enduro machines, any more.


Photographer & Asia Rider

Johan Holberg


Motorcycle Rider, Asia & China

Jia Xu

We have worked with a lot of riders since we started, and each trip has brought us further and further around the World, bringing new and different experiences each time, allowing us to explore and test new routes, constantly developing and improving, with fresh ideas, new roads and destinations, channeling all of this into improving the quality of your adventure, experiences and memories.


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