We provide support and assistance, wherever you are, throughout your VRTW expedition.

You do not need to worry about taking your V-Twin outside of Europe, or your home state or country. VRTW provide an extra level of assistance which far exceeds the restrictive cover you may have been used to, at home.

What is VRTW assist? Industry-leading motorcycle breakdown and recovery assistance, Worldwide.



If your motorcycle breaks down, we won’t just get you to the nearest Harley experienced garage or main agent, although we’ll do that also, if it’s the best solution. VRTW will transport your motorcycle to any mechanic or garage that can help repair your machine.

If we need to transport the bike for you, there’s no limit, no restrictions, we will recover your motorcycle to the best facilities in the region, either for repair, or repatriation. You can travel onwards in comfort by road or rail at no extra cost.


If your motorcycle breaks down anywhere (Worldwide) during a VRTW expedition, VRTW will assist with organising repair or repatriation of your motorcycle to either your expedition start or end point.


If your motorcycle breaks down anywhere (Worldwide) during a VRTW expedition, VRTW will provide or reimburse you for alternative accommodation to enable you to complete the expedition, detour for repairs, or return to your start point, or travel home.


If your bike breaks down, anywhere (Worldwide) during a VRTW expedition, VRTW will assist organising onward travel to enable you to reach a town or city which has onward travel facilities, by road, rail or air. VRTW will cover all costs to enable you to reach the nearest major city which enables you to get onward flights, for repatriation.


If your bike cannot be repaired or transported quickly following a break down, we will organise and pay for suitable local storage, until such time that we can arrange recovery of your motorcycle to a suitable freight location, for repatriation.


No limits, Worldwide, if it’s a country and we ride there, we cover it.

To provide this level of industry leading assistance, we just ask that you take the following sensible preparations before the ride, following our advice and experience:

A) Ensure that your motorcycle is correctly serviced and inspected before setting out.

B) Ensure that any defective or well-worn parts are replaced in advance: new tyres, brakes, drive belt, baggage, straps...

C) Use the correct fuel and ride checks, i.e. don’t try to run it on camel juice!

D) You stick to our tour route and schedule, i.e. you don’t detour to Afghanistan along the way!

E) Accept that we’ll be a little off-grid at times, and as such, we may need to improvise and be resourceful, which is, after all, part of the fun of expeditions and escaping.


VRTW should be informed as soon as possible, if your motorcycle breaks down on the expedition. We provide detailed route notes and advice using GPS co-ordinates to identify your precise location, should you need assistance. 95% of our routes are covered by regular mobile phone coverage, subject to your own providers network agreements. Local sim cards are also available for the time we spend in the larger countries. We also recommend you carry a simple GPS ‘Spot Tracker’ which can notify our support crew of your exact position.

In most countries it is a legal requirement to notify the emergency services if you are involved in any accidents which also involve a third party. In the event of an accident, you should secure your own safety first, and where possible, secure the motorcycle, then notify emergency services (numbers provided for each Country in the ride notes), and then the VRTW support crew.

If your motorcycle breaks down, we will always aim to assist with basic roadside repairs, or if that isn’t viable, we will transport you and your motorcycle to a safe location, where we can arrange further services as required, either for repair, or onward transport to a major city and freight hub.

Should your motorcycle be beyond reasonable or safe repair, we will organise transportation of yourself and your motorcycle to a suitable location for repatriation. If it is viable to repatriate from our normal end point, this is always our preference and there are no additional charges for transporting yourself and the motorcycle to this location, providing that we are already in the appropriate province, state, or country, to enable us to legally transport your bike to the end point.

If your motorcycle breaks down or you are involved in any incident which means that we are unable to repatriate your motorcycle from the usual end point, in this instance VRTW will make a contribution to your motorcycle repatriation costs, of at least the amount we would usually incorporate into our expedition fees for your return motorcycle freight. Any excess costs over and above this amount, for repatriation from an alternative port, or forwarding to an alternative Country will be payable by the motorcycle owner / tour participant.

In all instances of mechanical bike failure, we will cover the costs for you and your motorcycles’ onward transport, to the nearest major city, where we can organise further services to assist you. If our own in-country assist truck is not available, we will organise and cover the costs of third party transport for yourself and your motorcycle to reach a safe location, plus onward transport to the nearest major city, with rail or air transport facilities.

Be aware that there may be times where we need to place your bike into the care of a dirty or un-insured vehicle, as most Asian trucks are dusty, well-used, and uninsured for in-transit cargo in that part of the world. We might need to work with self taught ‘mechanical experts’ in more remote regions. The bike may get dusty, dirty or marked during intercontinental overland transport or repatriation. These are all normal things that happen in ‘real world’ overland travel, and it’s an experience of the ‘real world’ we are aiming to embrace with these expeditions.