We arrange exciting and unforgettable World motorcycle expeditions, so you can experience some of the most interesting places on the planet, riding your own motorcycle!

We are specialists in RTW rides, traversing North America, Europe to China motorcycle expeditions, including Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Russia, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, as well as Silk Road Adventures to China and other parts of Asia.

We venture further, we want to enjoy life, ride motorcycles, see new and interesting places, eat strange foods, meet new people, experience different cultures, and do some great motorbike riding in spectacular landscapes. And we would like you to join us, and enjoy it with us!

We help you live your dream - we handle the details so you don’t have to, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. So join us on our next ..venture!

SILK66 - 15,395 Kilometers / 9,566 Miles.

ALASKEY50 - 17,825 Kilometers / 11,075 Miles.

115RTW - 33,225 Kilometers / 20,645 Miles.


Travelling the World by motorcycle rewards you with a lot of extra dimensions, depth, perspective, insight, inspiration, cultural understanding, a sense of history, and a renewed sense of your own identity, and your place in the world. A lot of things will fall into place, both before, during, and after an expedition like this. Not to state the obvious, but it probably WILL change your life, as well as your outlook on life. It has for us, anyway… though the places we visit, the warm and open people we meet, and the new and interesting stories we discover, each time. Far too many to write about, so you’ll just have to experience them for yourself!


Give yourself a challenge, and take a few weeks out of the rat-race, just for yourself. The hardest part is making the decision, then clicking the ‘yes’ button to give yourself some time off! Temporarily restructure your life, to enable you to just take a few weeks or months out of your normal routine, and get out of your comfort zone, press reset, and find yourself again. Or maybe discover a new aspect of yourself, that you didn’t even know existed?

Experience the excitement and anticipation of setting off in a new direction each day, on a great overland adventure – on your own motorcycle. Fresh cultures, experiences, new people, sights, impressions, foods, roads, smells, and flavours will bombard your senses in a good way, as you explore distant lands, far beyond the reach of the average traveller!

Once you start, your senses will awaken when you find yourself in the reality of making a rewarding physical and spiritual journey. Starting the motorbike each morning, and constantly riding forwards, onwards, eastwards across the World, towards a new place each day, until eventually you find yourself standing on the far coastline of China!


You will have plenty of freedom to explore and discover at your own tempo. We respect your personal space and your desire to explore under your own terms, so feel free to ride your own way; spend more hours on photo-safari if you want, take a couple of extra hours exploring that spectacular castle, or the temple you just found. We can always meet back at the hotel that evening, and hear the great new stories you have to tell. You’ll have all the GPS co-ordinates for each hotel, so the rest of the group is just a few hours away.


We have riders from all walks of life, all backgrounds, nationalities, and experience levels. We put a strong emphasis on shared experiences and inclusion, openness and tolerance, and freedom for personal development. Every new person we meet is a chance to learn something new, if we are open. Each group of people is different, and it is inspiring to see what is possible when people share their experience in a positive way.

Some of your fellow riders will have various skills, competence and talents that will be very beneficial to the group on the road, and we actively encourage you to share your own skills for the good of the team, if you want. Working as a team is good for everyone, and for your own enjoyment of the expedition, also.


We are motorbike travellers. That’s what we live and breathe for, and what we do, every day, anywhere we can - actually, everywhere we can! We are humble travellers at heart, we blend in, adapt to our new surroundings, and work in harmony with our riders, and the amazing places and cultures through which we travel, as we are their guests. We maintain a culture of openness, freedom, curiosity, flexibility, responsibility, understanding, courage and integrity, and a strong desire to go the distance, to find new experiences, and enable others to experience them, with us. We value free exploration, personal expression, riding freedom, personal space, and cross-cultural understanding.


We promote a strong respect for other cultures - even when some practices might seem alien to us, or even bordering on human or animal rights infringements. Even when it offends your sense of common decency, we have to realise that this is how they live, in this particular place, without many of the usual amenities we take for granted, where we come from. We don’t have to like it, or even agree with it, we just have to keep moving. We can always help the situation from back in our own countries, after the expedition.


Once you’ve decided to take some time ‘off-grid’, you will soon start to relax into the journey. You can relax in the knowledge that you are working with experienced and professional travellers, who are here to advise and assist you. Each of our expedition guides and crew have years of experience from running similar expeditions and adventures, and are completely familiar with all aspects and details of a life-changing ride like this.

We have extensive experience of overland travel, long and mid-sized expeditions and tours, technical riding in all extremes. From adverse weather conditions to emergency situations, border crossings and intercultural exchanges, each of our riders lives and breathes this type of overland motorcycle travel, so you can relax and enjoy your own experiences, in the knowledge that you’re riding with a strong team of like-minded individuals, that are living the same passion as you are.


From the moment you register yourself on one of our expeditions, you will be personally guided through every step of the preparations, to support and enable you to make your journey, in a relaxed and flexible way, which suits your own travel style. After all, it’s YOUR adventure - we’re just here to assist, advise, support, and connect the many moving parts together, to help you make your own adventure happen. You’re the one that will be riding it!

Our dedicated team works around the clock, and we have specialised agencies and our own ride partners based in UK, mainland Europe, Asia, China and North America. We give you our undivided attention, to personally assist you every step of the way, with a flexible, friendly service. We’ll ensure that it’s structured, logical, and easy, to prepare both yourself and your motorcycle, wherever in the World you want to set off from.


On an expedition like this, where we traverse multiple regions, landscapes and terrain types, you will experience some very hot and sunny days, with humid temperatures, to cold nights, and everything in between. Therefore, it’s necessary to be well-prepared both physically, mentally, and in relation to your clothing and equipment.

It is essential that you bring the right type of adaptable clothing, that can be layered and configured to suit the different climates you will be riding in. Merino wool shirts and underclothes are very adaptable and easy to wash and dry while on the road. Other types of thin technical layers are useful, also. Bring (not too much) riding gear that is both waterproof, warm, reinforced, easily ventilated, and can be added and removed in layers, so you can adapt to any weather situation you might encounter. When riding in the desert always wear some type of gloves, so your hands don’t get sunburned.

To ensure the best possible riding experience, and hassle-free adventure, we strongly advise (nearly insist) that you have a full service performed on your motorcycle a couple of weeks before we start the expedition. Replace both tyres and brake disks, change the oil, oil filter, air filter, and top-up your brake oil and other fluids, so your motorcycle is as close to 100% as you can get it. This will save you both time, money and energy on the road, and free you up mentally, so you can focus on your expedition, and relax and enjoy it as much as possible.


It goes without saying, that for a long, endurance-type expedition, riders must be experienced at riding 300 miles / 400 km and more, per day. You will need to be comfortable with high temperatures, and accept to take responsibility for yourself, in some remote regions. If you are prepared, and accepting of different cultures and environments, you will find these journeys extremely enjoyable, deeply rewarding, and well within the capabilities of a well-prepared motorcyclist.

You do not need to be an enduro or off-road rider to complete the Europe to China expedition. Our participants vary, and come in all age groups and experience-levels. Our motorcycle journeys are for riders who wish to explore places that few people will ever get to see, while benefitting from the security of traveling with a small group of fellow riders.

Much of the terrain consists of normal asphalt surfaces, with occasional rougher, loose-surfaced roads, to the side of the main roads. It’s still a long way from Europe, and you’ll need to be adaptable, open-minded, tolerant of other cultures, and above all, willing to take a little rough with the smooth.


Through many years of research, detailed route planning and road testing for hundreds of rides and expeditions, we have accumulated a large body of knowledge specific to this type of overland expedition and experience. We have tested many routes, destinations, attractions and accommodation types in each of the countries we ride through, and we keep developing and evolving the routes, every time we ride them. For this reason, no two expeditions will every use exactly the same route, so we have the freedom to add and replace interesting features, locations, rides and destinations.

We will provide you with qualified equipment recommendations, packing guidelines (always pack light!), insurance recommendations, advice about visa and paperwork procedures, pre-ride teambuilding and sparring, group communication methods and procedures, maintenance stops, assistance with border crossings and paperwork, as well as recommendations for security, both for yourself, and for your motorcycle. We can answer your questions on almost anything expedition related (except for the name of the second cousin of that person we met on the horse, in the middle of Kazakhstan :)


We run these expeditions with a good variety of inclusive lodgings throughout the journey. Reasonably-priced hotels and motels are plentiful in the towns and cities, and some of the larger cities usually have very good standards. We always try to include a range of different types of overnight lodgings, to give our riders an authentic experience of the cultures we’re riding through.


You can keep in touch throughout the expedition, as most countries have 90%+ mobile phone and internet coverage. Most hotels have wi-fi, and once in China, you will be in contact with our English-speaking guides and support team. We organise a local Chinese sim-card for you, to easily keep in contact throughout the days’ rides. You just need to carry a spare (simple) mobile phone with you, to accept the standard micro-sim card.


VRTW runs a fully-equipped expedition support truck from the UK, through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, to assist in emergencies, breakdowns, or medical situations. The support vehicle is always within range, and you can use your SPOT Tracker device to contact the road crew instantly and directly.

VRTW MotoAssist includes: emergency motorcycle recovery, puncture and tyre assistance, spare tyres and tubes, drive belts, chain and sprockets, oils and fluids, spare fuel, emergency food and water, navigation assistance, emergency camping kit, and general bike repair tools & kit. Riders carry their own luggage, so pack light! You can buy most of what you will need, along the way!


Specialising in larger motorcycle expeditions and world expeditions, we work with our own licensed tour partners in China, and co-ordinate expeditions to / from China, Europe, North America, Russia and Asia. We also organise travel permits and deal with customs paperwork through our local guides and support services, with whom we have worked for many years.


We have secure motorcycle storage and transport facilities in the UK and mainland Europe, to assist riders with freighting and storing bikes to/from Europe, China and North America. You can arrange to have your motorbike delivered to your first hotel, and leave the bike back at the last hotel, after your expedition. We’ll organise collection and delivery for you, as well as secure storage and onward freight to your final destination.


With VRTW, you’re not just another customer, you’re a good friend and a respected riding partner, and your first expedition with us will hopefully be the start of a long and interesting friendship, where we’ll get to experience some life-changing moments, and many great places, together. We’re looking forward to meeting, and getting to know you!

These expeditions are a challenge! They are very rewarding, and if you’re anything like us; free-spirited travellers who just love the experiences, sights and sounds of being on a great motorcycle journey each day, then you’re on the right road, so join us on one of our next rides!

We look forward to exploring with you!