33,225 KILOMETERS - 20,645 MILES - 115 DAYS - IN 2 STAGES


115RTW - Get out of your comfort zone, push your Harley to the limits, and embark on one of the most rewarding journeys you're ever likely to take!

Explore Shanghai Old Town, Luoyang, Saint Petersburg, Xi’an, Volgograd (Stalingrad), Bishkek, Dunhuang, Berlin, The Shaolin Temple, The Great Wall of China, Zhangye, The Amdo-Tibetan Region, and many other great cities, sites, medieval towns and villages, on your route from Amsterdam to Shanghai.

From China, we freight the motorcycles to Anchorage, where you'll ride The Alcan Highway down through Alaska, The Yukon, Canada, past timeless glaciers, volcanoes, Sequoia Redwoods, Highway One, through beautiful national parks, unspoiled ancient forests, barren deserts, to the spectacular Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Death Valley, Folsom State Prison, Las Vegas, Mono Lake, Red Rock Canyon, Rogue River, Zion, Arches, Needles, Bryce Canyon, Native Spirits, El Paso, San Antonio, Route 66, ghost towns, The Mexican Border, The Cold War, The Manhattan Project, oilfields, Voodoo, New Orleans, The Space Race, Daytona Beach, The Everglades, The Florida Keys, down to Key West.

As well as some great riding roads and memorable motorbike experiences, we have also included some of the most spectacular and interesting locations in each country. Situated at intervals along this route you will encounter many levels and layers of modern and historic civilisations, remote, desolated and wind-ravaged deserts, breathtaking canyons, timeless temples, magnificent cities, national parks, pagodas, infamous battle sites, Industrial Heritage sites. And much more...

STAGE 1 - SILK66: 24.07.2018 - 28.09.2018 (or May to June, 2019).

STAGE2 - ALASKEY50: August 2019. Details to follow.

DURATION: 115 Days / 115 Hotel overnights.

DISTANCE: 33,225 Kilometers / 20,645 Miles, plus your own exploring distances.


STAGE 1: Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China.

STAGE 2: Alaska, Canada, The Yukon, British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida.

PRICE: Eur 40,000 (Deposit: Eur 10,000 / Balance: Eur 30,000).

PASSENGER: Eur 20,000 (Deposit: Eur 5,000 / Balance: Eur 15,000).

SINGLE ROOM: +Eur 8,000 (Supplement for one rider in a single room).

FAST TRACK DEPOSIT: Secure your place today - Eur 500 via Paypal.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites, giant buddhas, dragons, spirits, ancient cities, grottoes, castles, and other spectacular locations of historical and cultural significance, where history has been created, destroyed, torn apart, rebuilt, and places where the course of history and humanity has been adjusted, forever. Uncover the remnants of civilisations lost, and territories won, conquered or stolen. Battle sites from WWII, the paranoia of The Cold War, and the weight and consequences of The Iron Curtain.

Walk in the footsteps of the fierce and fearsome Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan. Traverse famous mountain ranges and discover remnants of lives from forgotten ages. This expedition is designed and paced to let you really get under the skin of the countries that we’re travelling through. You will get to relive, inhale, experience, learn and be inspired, as you slowly carve your way to Shanghai, meeting many interesting people and cultures along the way.

"VRTW provides a flexible ride plan and a structure that lets you relax into your journey."

We make it possible for you to make the journey on your own motorcycle, to start out from anywhere in the World and ride overland from Amsterdam to Shanghai, in a relaxed travel style, including quality accommodation, bike freight, paperwork, overland travel permits, and all the support you need, to safely set out on the Silk Road riding your own motorcycle to the East coast of China.

It’s one of the great last great frontier riding adventures remaining, one that hardly anyone will ever do, so how about you? Join us on a multi-stage expedition including Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and to the far side of China, experiencing a calmness and scale you just won’t find anywhere else.

ROADS AND TERRAIN: Asphalt, concrete, country roads, back roads, canyons, bridges, passes.

NAVIGATION: GPS co-ordinates and waypoints, maps, compass, the locals, the stars, the sun.

SUPPORT: Expedition Support Truck and Road Crew.

SPARE PARTS: Forwarding to expedition garages along the route.

MAINTENANCE: Garage-stop for repairs, service and tyre changes.


As part of the crossover from Europe into Russia we'll spend a couple of days exploring the magnificent city of Peter The Great, to the sound of thousands of Harleys roaming the city streets. St. Petersburg Harley® Days is the largest annual Harley event in Russia, and it attracts many thousands of motorcycle-friendly people from all around the world to the Northern Capital of Russia every year.

The combination of a great atmosphere, nice people, an interesting program, live music, and the roar of thousands of engines attracts a steady stream of riders into Ostrovsky Square. You can explore the many interesting areas of this great city on your Harley during the daytime and make new friends and gather inspiration in the evenings. It's the perfect kick-off for the Russian stage of the Expedition, and it won't be your last time in St. Petersburg!

Leaving this beautiful city, we'll enjoy some interesting days exploring the western side of Russia, immersed in culture and history, before crossing the next border, where the remoteness and stark contrasts of Kazakhstan await us.

Read more about our partnership with St. Petersburg Harley® Days >>


Kazakhstan is a fabulous Country, and roughly the same size as Europe! Big Skies, open spaces, a great place to clear your mind. Everything’s bigger in Kazakhstan; it’s like you need to retrain your eyes, to be able to see even further!

You won’t meet many riders who have experienced such an interesting and challenging journey through ‘The Stans’ - vast, unspoiled, expansive lands with no fences, endless roads that give you the freedom to ride the way you want to ride.

We travel through the less risky countries, avoiding the ‘Afghans’, and opting instead for the North Silk Routes through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Two contrasting countries, and both absolutely fantastic places to travel through by motorcycle, and magnificent in their own right. We will gather new impressions and new experiences in wild Kazakhstan, before crossing the border into beautiful Kyrgyzstan, where a new set of memorable experiences await you.

We’ve travelled through these countries many times before, and it’s not as hard as you might imagine - once you set off and leave the western world behind, relax and immerse yourself fully into this ride of discovery, you will soon find yourself at the border gates of China!


On each expedition, we incorporate something new, something learned from previous expeditions, or fresh inspiration from our good friends along the way. We have explored various options along the Silk Routes, riding to the Great wall of China, and its most-westerly point - The magnificent Fort at the Jiayuguan Pass. From there, you’ll ride along the frontier of China’s history, as we start to enter the edges of the Amdo Tibetan region, with some fantastic riding through the mountains, visiting various Tibetan monasteries dotted along the Silk Road.

After riding alongside The Great Wall we’ll turn south, winding through ever-changing scenery and cultures, as we intertwine between the old and new China. We’ll visit the largest monastery in the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo. Established in 1709, Labrang is considered the heart of Amdo Tibetan culture, along with the nearby town of Rebkong. Your camera will just get heavier and heavier, as you fill card after card with spectacular photos, and when you get home again you’ll find it hard to believe that you were actually in these magnificent and significant places.

A balanced approach to travel is by far the most important ability for riding to China. The Trans-Asia ride is mainly road-based, with approximately 5-10% on rougher, unpaved roads, but usually quite firm ground. We’ve found some fabulous places for you to stay along the Silk Route, including some nice luxury touches, with spa/sauna/pools, and great food, to help you relax after a long and hard day’s ride.

With the high temperatures in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China, we recommend that you wear cool and thin clothing, Merino wool shirts, with good ventilation in your riding jacket and other road clothing. Normal riding boots are optimal for this hot climate, and you will cook if you ride in leathers, so it’s much better to wear lighter, interchangeable layers that you can adjust in relation to riding conditions. Also, pack light! Don’t bring too much clothing or other equipment, you can get whatever you need along the way.

We have also incorporated some rest days / sightseeing days at strategic intervals, so we can explore the many interesting historic and cultural sites, ancient cities, pagodas, temples and local street life, at a more relaxed pace on foot, before hitting the road again refreshed and replenished, to find our next great experiences.

When you’re finally standing on the East coast of China, at the end of this expedition, you will have experienced many different peoples, cultures, and ways of life, from the ancient past, up through the ages to the modern day, and also a taste of how we could be living, in the future.


This expedition will bring you to areas that you won't find on any other motorcycle tour or expedition. We will ride to places that you never imagined you would visit, and may only recognise from books you have read, or films you may have seen, as a child. We avoid the mainstream tourist sites where possible, and ensure that each day's ride uncovers something spectacular and unforgettable, providing new experiences on as many levels, each day.

With the huge contrasts in the landscape, topography and diversity of terrain, we’ll have long and hard riding days, interspersed with slower, shorter, and more relaxed rides, where you’ll have plenty of time to stop and take it all in, adding to the dynamic and appreciation of the broad range of experiences, memories and stories, that you’ll spend 115 days generating.


After shipping your motorcycles from Shanghai to Alaska we'll start the North American stage from Anchorage to Key West. A journey through time, from when glaciers, earthquakes, asteroids and volcanoes were hammering, moulding and forming the North American continent, millennia before humans set foot on it, to today, when social, climatic, economic, nuclear and geopolitical forces are carving new paths, canyons, craters, ridges, bridges, divides, fault lines, and borders across America.

We will explore and experience the great contrasts and many changing landscapes that lie spread across this spectacular continent, riding through breathtaking scenery and magnificent regions throughout Alaska, Canada, The Yukon, British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and down to the far end of The Florida Keys.

You will meet real people from all nations, nationalities, backgrounds, tribes and walks of life, and hear their stories of prosperity and decline, their struggles, victories and hardships, and get under the skin of the continent, behind the media curtain, off the grid, away from politics, and get in touch with the real America, to understand it for yourself, road by road.


Situated on the northwest corner of Canada, and separated from Russia by The Bering Strait and The Arctic Ocean, Alaska represents one of the last frontiers of modern ‘civilisation’, where you can still experience the landscape, wildlife and sparsely-populated nature, the way nature intended - unspoiled and untouched. Purchased from Russia in 1867, and now the largest of the American States, Alaska is a thriving, self-contained ecosystem that would have no trouble surviving if humans suddenly ceased to exist. Life would just go on there, as it always has done.

We will experience some fantastic riding through the wild and barren landscape, at close quarters with icebergs, glaciers, rugged interior mountain ranges and peaks, national parks, uninhabited wilderness, small villages, the vast expanse of the Arctic tundra, breathtaking permafrost nature, and raw experiences that you will probably never forget.

With over one thousand glaciers, Alaska contains over half of the total number of glaciers on Earth. That alone should give you a good indication of the immense scale of this magnificent region, and a strong taste of what is in store for you.


We’ll take the legendary Alaska Highway through Canada’s vast and unforgiving Yukon Territory, passing through panhandling and mining towns, scars on the landscape from the frenzy of the Gold Rush, and the Great Western Frontier Expansion of the 19th and 20th centuries, when this really was The Land of Opportunity. We’ll cross through scenic Native American lands and territories, crossing the original railroad lines that once bound this immense continent together.

You’ll find yourself riding through dense forests and mountainous breeding grounds and natural habitats for Wolves, Moose, Grizzly Bears, Eagles, Falcons, yet sparsely populated with very few humans. Many of the few people that are there cherish this off-grid, in-nature way of living. It’s not a lifestyle, it's just how they survive out here.


Once we cross over from Canada, and into the United States again, you will notice a change in landscape, nature, culture, and surroundings… Riding along western migration trails, passing spectacular canyons and rock formations, visiting army outposts, forts, bridges, riding through woodlands and wilderness marked by traces of war, battles, mining, farming, mineral extraction, extra-terrestrial encounters and volcanic activity, to deserts and lowlands with traces of Aztec habitation, where vultures or crocodiles start to gather each time you stop to take a photograph.

RETURN SHIPPING: Price include shipping your motorcycle back to your closest logistics port.

ONWARD FREIGHT: Global shipping can also be arranged, if necessary.

CONTAINER: Packing your motorcycle for shipping home.

SOCIAL MEDIA: sharing and photo updates throughout the expedition.

PHOTOS: Sharing of group photos after the expedition.

We look forward to exploring with you!