Join us for some great experiences at St. Petersburg Harley® Days, on the SILK66 from Amsterdam to Shanghai.

As part of the crossover from Europe into Russia we'll spend a few days exploring the magnificent city of Peter The Great, to the sound of thousands of Harleys roaming the city streets.

One of VRTW’s main partners, St. Petersburg Harley® Days invites you and your friends to ride and have fun with us, in Russia in August. VRTW hopes to bring some great groups of people to St. Petersburg Harley® Days, every year!

St. Petersburg Harley® Days is the largest annual Harley event in Russia, and it attracts many thousands of motorcycle-friendly people from all around the world to the Northern Capital, every year.

St.Petersburg Harley® Days demonstrates how to seamlessly blend the elegance and beauty of the city on the Neva river, with the irrepressible spirit of power and freedom. The possibility of holding such an event, and to channel a few thousand motorcycles through the centre of the beautiful city, makes St. Petersburg not only the cultural, but also the motorcycling capital of Russia.

The Event unfolds in the beautiful city centre of St. Petersburg, with more than 3,000 motorcyclists and over 100,000 guests, from over 25 countries! All guests will be able to participate in the pre-arranged motorbike tours, to the most spectacular and historically significant places in St. Petersburg, and its suburbs. International participants will benefit from an accelerated border crossing procedure, and special hotel prices.

Because of the unique character and beauty of the route, the Motor-Parade in St. Petersburg was recognised by Harley-Davidson executives, as one of the best City-Parades in Europe!

St.Petersburg Harley® Days is not only a great city fest, but also an effective platform for making successful business connections. For the second time "St.Petersburg Harley® Days Business Summit" gathered at the Tsar's lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, hosting a large number of entrepreneurs and business owners (most of whom are also motorcyclists), to discuss the prospects of cooperation in the spheres of business, culture, motorcycling and tourism.

The Custom Bike Show reaches a new level each year. Customisers from Russia and neighbouring countries will present their spectacular designer motorcycles, and each evening, guests and participants of the Festival will be able to enjoy an interesting Concert program!

Demonstration rides (Demo-rides) on new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles will be organised from the Ostrovsky Square, and motorcyclists will be able to try the legendary motorbikes!

“Lady of Harley”, Stunt Riding Show, “Night Light Ride”, “Crazy Wheels” and competitions for the best helmet design, will be among the Festival’s special events. Don’t miss these great experiences in one of Russia’s oldest and most beautiful cities!


The combination of a great atmosphere, nice people, an interesting program, live music, and the roar of thousands of engines attracts a steady stream of riders into Ostrovsky Square. You can explore the many interesting areas of this great city on your Harley during the daytime and make new friends and gather inspiration in the evenings. It's the perfect kick-off for the Russian stage of the Expedition, and it won't be your last time in St. Petersburg!

All necessary information, program, photos and videos of the festival can be found at:


Leaving this beautiful city, we'll enjoy some interesting days exploring the western side of Russia, immersed in culture and history, before crossing the next border, where the remoteness and stark contrasts of Kazakhstan await us, on the long road to Shanghai.

We look forward to exploring St. Petersburg with you!