Spectacular winding Alpine roads and passes, medieval castles, industrial heritage sites, war museums, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, great wines, cold beers, local foods, warm people, good conversation, nice memories, deep history, culture, gastronomy and wellness, culminating in 4 unforgettable nights in Prague, where the 115th Anniversary Celebration of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, takes place. We can't think of a better reason to ride with us to Prague in 2018!

We’ll ride South from Hamburg through Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia to the Czech Republic. You’ll get to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful towns and finest regions: The Ruhr, The Moselle River, The Eiffel, The Black Forest, German Alpine Road, Füssen, The Alps, Berchtesgaden (The Eagle’s Nest), Werfen (Where Eagle’s Dare), Großglockner, Triglav National Park, The Northern Balkans, Varaždin, Balaton Lake and Budapest, riding back along the Danube towards Prague, and even more great motorbike experiences.

DATES: 25.06.2018 - 08.07.2018

DURATION: 14 Days / 14 Hotel overnights. Plus an optional overnight in Berlin, if you want.

DISTANCE: 3,400 Kilometers / 2,120 Miles, plus your own exploring distances.

COUNTRIES: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

PRICES: Prices include 14 days & overnights. An additional 15th overnight in Berlin is also available.

Eur 2,750 - Per rider sharing a twin room. (Berlin +€130).

Eur 3,950 - One rider in a single room. (Berlin +€180).

Eur 4,950 - One rider + One passenger sharing a double room. (Berlin +€250).

HARLEY-DAVIDSON RENTAL: Starting at Eur 2,250 for 14 days. Contact us for details.

FAST TRACK DEPOSIT: Secure your place today - Eur 500 via Paypal.



We depart from Hamburg on Monday the 25th of June, 2018 after a fantastic weekend at Hamburg Harley Days. Fresh, relaxed and ready for some great days on the road. From there, the adventure begins, as we make our way through The Ruhr Valley, Germany’s industrial heartland throughout the industrial revolution. We’ll visit some heavy industrial heritage sites, and get under the skin of this interesting region, before heading southwards, through the beautiful Eiffel Region.

We’ll follow the magnificent Rhine River, the industrial backbone of the last 3 centuries, to the medieval town of Koblenz, where we’ll break southwest along the winding Moselle River to Trier, then southeast again, along forest-lined roads, passing magnificent castles, vineyards, riding deep into the Black Forest, to overnight in another beautiful gothic town, Freiburg, set in the southern highlands of Schwarzwald.

We’ll skim the northern border of Switzerland to the start of The German Alpine Road, which will bring us through the Bavarian Alps to Füssen, where the neo-Gothic castles of King Ludwig - Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau - await us. We'll round off that great day with a tall cold beer or two, by the lake.

MEETING POINT: At the Hamburg Harley Days event, or at our hotel in Hamburg.

GROUP SIZE: Strictly limited to 16 motorcycles, for a small and relaxed group.

ROADS AND TERRAIN: Asphalt, concrete, country roads, back roads, bridges, mountain passes.

NAVIGATION: GPS co-ordinates and waypoints, maps, compass, the locals, the stars, the sun.

SUPPORT: Support Truck and Road Crew. Roadside Assistance, snacks and coffee.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Sharing and photo updates along the way.

PHOTOS: Sharing of group photos after the ride.


From Füssen, we cross into Austria again, and ride to Berchtesgaden where you have the option to visit The Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) or continue to the town of Werfen, where you can take a walk around the castle from ‘Where Eagle’s Dare’, the 1968 film starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some of the eagles that live there.

From Werfen, we’ll head southwards across the alps along Großglockner Hochalpenstraße, with some great stretches of road, immense views, steep inclines, and some rewarding panoramas of the Alpine mountain range. A really great way to work up an appetite, for the days ahead.


Where East meets West, we’ll use The Alps as a natural bridge into Slovenia, where once again we’ll immerse ourselves in fresh, lush and unspoilt forests, riding along winding roads, passing old towns and villages, with the scent of pines and endless forests in the air, as we traverse Slovenia towards the Northern Balkan Region.

We’ll ride along the shores of Lake Balaton, visit open-air museums and walk among war-metal remnants and stark reminders of the ferocity of the Balkan War. Then, as if to restore balance to your mental state, we’ll end this stage of the ride with some well-deserved wellness and relaxation in Europe’s finest outdoor spa in Budapest, the 'Paris of the East’. Here, we’ll unwind and enjoy a couple of good local beers, or some nice glasses of wine, and some more good food, as we digest and process the previous couple of days’ riding.

To soak it all in, we’ll take an extra overnight in Budapest, so you can explore this raw and distinctive city either on foot, or on your motorbike, and absorb the atmosphere, architecture, street life, spirit and intrigue, before we make the final ride along The River Danube to Prague, Czech Republic.

After a good night’s sleep in Budapest we’ll wake up fresh, relaxed and revitalised, and ready for the ride along sweeping country roads to Prague Harley Days. While we're there, we'll also experience ‘The Harley event of the century’, celebrating 115 years of Harley-Davidson.

Riders, Chapters and clubs from around the World make to trip to The Czech Republic each year, to celebrate the spirit and lifestyle that this iconic motorcycle represents. The event in Prague is always a great success and everyone has a lot of fun, surrounded by thousands of like-minded friends, revelling in the great machines, warm atmosphere, cool location, nice entertainment and friendships that the Harley-Davidson lifestyle encourages. So join us on this great ride to Prague Harley Days, meet old friends and new friends, from everywhere!


05-08 JULY, 2018 - h-d.prague115.com

For 2018, the event team from Prague Harley Days, together with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company are throwing even more epic event. According to Harley-Davidson themselves the 115th Anniversary party will be an experience like no other, where you can look forward to 72 unforgettable hours packed with motorcycles, beautiful city riding, meeting old friends, a warm atmosphere, great music, plenty of beers, and many of other types of entertainment!


All hotels, comfortable accommodation with en-suite bathrooms.

Breakfast at the hotel every morning.

Coffee, water and snacks always available from the support truck throughout the rides, stops and visits.

Ride notes with safety information, truck support, route directions, hotels, the regions and the sights along the tour.

Tour Leader on motorcycle, options to ride alone at your own pace, or with the group.

Support van for luggage transportation (1 bag per person).

Services and assistance from 2 experienced road crew.

Escort bike as desired, plus chase support truck for puncture repair, spare fuel, oils, drinks and light snacks.

Roadside assistance, VRTW move motorbikes to safe and comfortable locations, if required.

Possibility to store helmets and riding equipment in the truck, at sites and attractions.


Motorcycle rental, available from Hamburg or Frankfurt.

Third party liability insurance for rental motorcycles.

Comprehensive insurance for rental motorcycles based on each individual model.

Join us on this great ride and enjoy the H-D 115th birthday party in a place you've always wanted to visit!