SILK ROAD 4.0 is a promotional expedition from Vienna, Austria, to the far side of China, combining international business development with adventure and technology.

We want to share our love for Adventure travelling, high technology, and for bringing people together, by broadcasting how European IoT Technology enables and facilitates a long distance motorcycle adventure. Along the way, we will demonstrate cutting-edge technologies, interview technology experts, visit businesses, make contacts, generate new business, and encourage our network of experts to share insights, together.

We will be broadcasting our travels online, as well as our tech and industry insights and experiences. We will visit the main IoT and Industry 4.0 hubs, companies and institutions, and experience the speed and level of development in the industries and countries we are visiting.


The SILK ROAD is our core adventure. It´s an one-way trip following the ancient Silk Road over approximately 10.000 km through 15 Eurasian countries from Austria to China, over an estimated duration of six months. It will take place Spring-Summer 2018, starting in Austria, and crossing Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and across China. The expedition is designed to raise media awareness, promote European technology partners, and test our workflows and technologies to be more prepared for future expeditions.

The EUROPEAN IoT CHALLENGE is a contest that helps us identify IoT devices and applications that may enhance or ease long-distance motorcycle adventure travel, in terms of planning, navigation, comfort, safety, security, maintenance, communications, video recording, or simply enhancing the fun of riding it.

During the Summer of 2017, the European SILK ROAD 4.0 pre-expedition media tour took us approximately 6.000 km through 14 European countries, in two months. Starting in Austria, we crossed the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and back through Switzerland, to Vienna.


We want to share the adventure of:

A long-range motorcycle journey enhanced with useful IoT technology.

Road-testing our future products and services, as well as testing those of our sponsors and partners

Experiencing the inherent difficulties of the terrain, and using technology to register, warn and adapt to it.

Immersing ourselves in societies we don't know, while gaining a better inter-cultural understanding.

Transmitting all of that to our audience, including our experiences, the story behind the ride, and our fun doing it!

Broadcasting our insights into different societies, and their use of technology.

Promoting understanding as key for cooperation.

We will broadcast our insights about other cultures' ways of doing things, of interacting with each other, their use of internet, and the level of technology in their industries. Mainly because it's interesting in itself, but also because we think that in order to open dialog and business opportunities, it's important to understand the way others live and behave, removing boundaries, taking away fears and prejudices. Additionally, we will share our day-to-day travel challenges as part of the story we are living, through written articles and videos.


Our second passion is technology and we want to showcase it within a Story - Adventure.Meets.Technology.

SILK ROAD 4.0 will showcase a range of products and solutions through engaging motorcycle adventures, and real-life demonstrations of the latest IoT solutions in difficult environments, and test how these technologies ease and enhance the experience of a long-distance motorcycle trip where adventure meets technology.

This is a great opportunity to link your products with strong emotions and an interesting story, adding spice to complement your social media marketing campaigns. We can also do physical presentations of your product to the partners we visit, including stakeholders as varied as members of the DG's of the European Commission, Universities and Research Institutes, SME's, etc.


Temperature fluctuations, dust, vibrations, rain, snow, storms, hard weather conditions... they all affect product operation in unpredictable ways. Due to the harshness of the terrain, SILK ROAD 4.0 is a great opportunity for technology partners to put their products to the test, and to examine how they behave in extreme, non-simulated circumstances.

Using the latest technology, we will immerse your products in stunning landscapes, filmed in action, on motorcycles, in the middle of deserts, mountains and exotic villages. Our tech partners can immerse their tech product campaigns within the wild beauty of dramatic scenery, and foreign cultures. Seeing how SILK ROAD 4.0 Adventure is navigating harsh terrains and environments, is the perfect environment to put your product to the test, and demonstrate its durability and endurance, to the world. Show our Partners what your product is made of!


With an ongoing campaign of periodic updates designed for social media, we will post video clips, photos and short demonstrations of how to get technology on our side, to make a difficult trip easier, and at the same time, let people follow an engaging adventure story. Constant updates on the adventure will feature your technology products and relevant explanations, in the backdrop of engaging travel scenes. SILK ROAD 4.0 can feature your products in exhibitions, shows, events and conferences.

Due to our strong European focus, as well as the involvement of Media Partners from various European countries, the project has multilingual media coverage, and targets a varied audience. We're also targeting a new audience that was not initially as familiar with the latest technology trends, but ARE interested in adventure. With the existing SILK ROAD 4.0 publicity, the project team is already receiving invitations to shows and exhibitions, where we get the chance to promote our partners. Make SILK ROAD 4.0 the ambassador of your brand - without the need to travel yourself!


Our third passion is bringing people together, planting seeds for development of Industry 4.0 as the next (r)evolution. We strongly believe that in the following years, Industry 4.0 will have a strong impact in the evolution of countries, and reshape the way societies function. For that reason, we want to bring awareness to this vision and foster cooperation between European and Asian professionals, by promoting the Ancient Silk Road spirit and enable the open exchange of ideas, knowledge, and technology. Building Alliances in Europe and Asia, we will be visiting the main industrial enterprises and academic institutions, and will showcase your IoT or Industry 4.0 technology in meetings and presentations to relevant local stakeholders and media, opening doors for alliances.

We also want to feel the pulse of Eurasian Industry 4.0, by visiting local industries and broadcasting video reports and interviews with main local stakeholders. This way, we will provide our audience with a vision of the state of the art, and of the industry in visited countries. As a meeting point and directory for local experts, we will also promote Local Industry 4.0 through an online directory of local experts and SME's, where they will be able to describe their capabilities, and offer their services to other IoT companies.

SILK ROAD 4.0 maintains a wide network of stakeholders that are members of the Silkroad 4.0 Circle. Through the network, companies establish new business contacts and create cooperation opportunities. Whether you need someone in a specific EU Commission DG, a University Expert, a middleware platform provider, or an SME with a cool new device, Silkroad 4.0 is your platform for getting in touch with the right people.


Philipe Reinisch, PhD

Silkroad 4.0 - CEO, Chief Explorer.

Born June, 28th, 1974 in Austria, Europe.

CEO of Boteillier, Vice Chairman of Joint Working Group 001.41 Internet of Things of the Austrian Standards.

MSc in Industrial Engineering (High-Power LASER physics, Microelectronics, Quality Management).

PhD in Organizational Impact of Large-Scale RFID implementations, Program Manager for Accenture, METRO, Federation of Austrian Industries, Zurich Insurance Group, etc.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Mandarin.